Francois BERGER

Professor of oncology and cell biology, Neurosciences Institute of Grenoble - France

University Activities

MD Thesis - 1990       
Assistant neuro-oncologist - 1994
Thesis (PhD) Physics - 1995
Post doctoral felloship in the Salk institut and F Gage Laboratory - 1995-97
Masters of Science (HDR) - 1998   
Head of Neuro-oncology reseach group - 1999
Professor of oncology and cell biology - 2000

Scientific Responsabilities

Head of the Cell Biology Department in Joseph Fourier University Medical School

Head of the “Brain Nanomedicine” group in the INSERM INSERM Research Center U 836 (ex U 318). Coordinator of the “transcriptomic and proteomic platform” (CHU Grenoble, Canceropole Rhône-alpes)

Head of the clinico-biologal Neuro-oncology unit in Grenoble university hospital

Coordinator of the neuro-oncology Tissues bank of the CHU Grenoble hospital (DHOS and INSERM labelization 2003 and 2004)

Member of the Ethical board of Nano2life excellence project (2004)

Coordinator of the transcriptomic study of the etumour European integrated project (2004)

Member of the Ecopia scientific Board (2005)

Member of the Ligue National Contre le Cancer Scientific board (2005)

Coordinator of the French CIT3 GLIOMA CONSORTIUM (2005)

I benefit from a "Hospitalier contrat d'interface" providing a 50% clinical doctor for my clinical activity permitting me to be for 5 years at 100% for my research activity

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