Franck PEREZ

Scientist at CNRS in France
Group leader in the Cell Biology Section at the Curie Institute, Paris, France

Dr. Franck Perez is a Research Director at the CNRS, and group leader in the Cell Biology Section at the Curie Institute (Paris, France). His group is studying microtubule dynamics and intracellular trafficking with an important focus on the development of new methods and tools for Cell Biology studies, and in particular the recombinant antibody approach.

Prior to being recruited by CNRS in 1999, Dr. Perez was Maître-Assistant in Prof. T. E Kreis laboratory (University of Geneva, Switzerland) where he worked on the regulation of microtubule dynamics.

Dr. Perez received his PhD in 1996 for his work in the laboratory of A. Prochiantz at the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Paris, France) on the regulation of neuroendocrine secretion and on the development of cell internalization peptides.  Dr. Perez graduated in Cell biology and Genetics at the University Paris VII in 1992.

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