Fabien CALVO

Directeur Général Adjoint de l'Institut National du Cancer (INCa)
Directeur de l'Institut Thématique Cancer de l'INSERM

Ex-resident and ex-senior consultant of the Paris public hospital service, he specialized in oncology-hematology and clinical research. Since 1995, he has been director of Inserm's Clinical Research Center at the Saint-Louis Hospital (AP-HP/Inserm center), which he founded. He is also director of Inserm Unit U716, where he works on the identification of new molecular targets for cancer treatment. From September 2006 to April 2007, he worked for the Director of research and innovation at the Ministry of Research and was in charge of coordinating cancer research. He was nominated director of research programs at the National Cancer Institute in April 2007. He has been oncology advisor to Inserm's Director General since January 2008.

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