Organization and specificities of the 2009 edition

The first day of the 2009 FAID (3rd of December) will gather high level academic French and American scientists who will present, under the leadership of the French national institute of Cancer and through plenary lectures and opened discussions with the audience, the latest advancements in the field of Theranostics applied to Cancer.

The second day of the 2009 FAID (4th of December) will review, through snap-shot presentations and posters, diverse emerging and innovative entrepreneurial initiatives arising from the Boston scientific community and beyond, in presence of key opinion leader scientists but also industry representatives and private investors. In addition, the projects selected to be reviewed on this second day will compete for a Merieux Research Grant.


The 2009 Scientific Committee

The French-American Scientific Committee is composed of:

  • Prof. Fabien Calvo, Deputy CEO of the French National Institute for Cancer (INCa) in Paris (France) 
  • Prof. Mauro Ferrari, Director of the Division of Nanomedicine, Deputy Chairman UTHSC-University of Texas, Dept. of Biological Engineering, the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston (USA).

The conference is jointly organized by the Office for Science and Technology of the French Embassy (Boston section) and Mérieux Alliance.


2009 FAID’s venue is Harvard Medical School Conference Center, 77 avenue Louis Pasteur, Boston, MA, 02116.

No admission fee is charged to the participants. But online registration is needed.

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About the organizers

a family holding company, is dedicated to constantly improving patient care and consumer health throughout the world by developing new biotechnology-based solutions.

With roots dating back over a century and steeped in Pasteur’s legacy, with many years’ experience in bioindustry, Mérieux Alliance mobilizes about 10,000 employees worldwide.

Mérieux Alliance includes four healthcare companies dedicated to global public health, which span the full range of healthcare: prevention, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and clinical follow-up:

  • bioMérieux (Marcy l’Etoile - France): a world leader specializing in the field of in vitro diagnosis and industrial microbiological testing
  • Transgene (Strasbourg - France): dedicated to the development of therapeutic vaccines and immunotherapeutic products in oncology and infectious diseases
  • ABL Inc /Advanced BioSciences Laboratories (Washington D.C. - US): specialized in virological research
  • Silliker (Chicago -US) :an international network of laboratories providing services that help assure food testing and nutrition

The Mérieux Alliance companies develop solutions to major public health challenges, among which personalized medicine. Their experience in handling infectious diseases and cancers, along with their mastery of diagnosis and immunotherapy, provides the group with the wherewithal to make advances in theranostics and relevant challenges.

The Office for Science and Technology of the French Embassy in the USA is a multidisciplinary team of 35 faculty members. The role of the office incorporates three strategic missions:

  • To monitor advances in science and technology to stakeholders, decision makers and scientists
  • To establish and/or strengthen partnerships in science and technology
  • To promote exchanges of students, researchers and entrepreneurs

The office in Boston has a specific focus on innovation and deals with all the value chain of innovation from the technology transfer to entrepreneurship.

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